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Sportsmanship a priority for Westlake Baseball League

Courtesy of John S. Alfes The phrase “Good game” echoes throughout the night sky as Westlake Baseball League (WBL) players shake hands after an early June game. This display of sportsmanship dates back to when the league first began and has continued as a lasting tradition for baseball programs around the world. The WBL offers all […]

Westlake Tee Ball, a growing program

Westlake Courtesy of John S. Alfes For many years, the kindergartners of Westlake have faced the challenge of spending their summer without an organized baseball league nearby. This changed in 2010 when the Westlake Baseball League (WBL) launched a co-ed kindergarten tee-ball league. What started as a small idea for the WBL, has since then […]

Force Ohio 9U wins Hudson Spring Classic

Westlake has a ‘League of its Own’

Westlake Courtesy of John Alfes A recreational baseball league consisting of roughly 720 athletes playing across 12 fields might seem like a simple formula for a successful summer program. But there is more effort put into creating each team’s 12-man roster than one might think. Beginning in 2015, the Westlake Baseball League (WBL) created a […]