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Low flow of salt shakes up Westshore communities

By Sue Botos Westshore Back in 1914 when the Morton Salt Co. introduced its iconic “When it rains, it pours” slogan, the saying illustrated the fact that Morton salt could flow freely, even in damp weather, which was unusual at the time. But for cities relying on the company to provide roadway salt, the flow [...]

Judge blocks Cleveland’s plan to charge Westlake water customers additional fees

On nearly every legal issue, the judge found in favor of Westlake, often using strong wording. The judge’s 37-page opinion can be viewed as nothing short of a near-total victory by the suburb.

Obamacare has ‘unintended consequences’ according to local insurance expert

By Sue Botos Westshore With all of the confusion surrounding the rollout of the Affordable Care Art (ACA), often referred to as Obamacare, insurance companies, businesses and individuals are still scrambling to piece together the puzzle of the confusing legislation’s effect on health care. According to Stanley Sieniawski, president of InsureOne Benefits, the law has [...]

NASA chief: Asteroid mission runs through Glenn Research Center

NASA’s proposed asteroid retrieval mission involves capturing an asteroid robotically, moving it closer to Earth, then sending astronauts to study it and return with samples. Improvements in propulsion methods that are being pursued at Glenn are required to accomplish this feat.