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Westlake Tee Ball, a growing program

Westlake Courtesy of John S. Alfes For many years, the kindergartners of Westlake have faced the challenge of spending their summer without an organized baseball league nearby. This changed in 2010 when the Westlake Baseball League (WBL) launched a co-ed kindergarten tee-ball league. What started as a small idea for the WBL, has since then […]

Hotels’ guest lists now available to police without search warrant

At its June 4 meeting, City Council unanimously approved a new chapter in the suburb’s codified ordinances entitled “Hotel Regulations.” In addition to giving law enforcement access to hotels’ guest lists, the chapter consolidates existing municipal laws governing the operation of hotels and motels.

Legislation gives mayor power to impose curfew in emergencies

Police Chief Kevin Bielozer said the ordinance was needed to maintain local control in case of an emergency, which in the ordinance is defined as a riot or unlawful, violent gathering, or as a disaster, such as a tornado or earthquake.

Funds sought to launch museum at historic house

Located on Center Ridge Road, just east of the entrance to the Westlake Recreation Center, the Lilly Weston House has been vacant for many years. Built for Austin and Roxanna Lilly, two settlers from Massachusetts, the house was later owned by several other people, including George Weston. About a decade ago, Alice Ladanyi, the great granddaughter of George Weston, deeded the house to the city of Westlake for use as a museum.