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Rose candidates pursue Irish heritage

If the contestants to become the next Ohio Rose of Tralee are any indication, Irish-Americans are doing a good job passing on their heritage from generation to generation.

Renewal of recreation tax could fund new amenities

The one-eighth of 1 percent income tax, first collected in 1996, is earmarked for recreation purposes. The tax, which raises approximately $1.9 million annually, expires at the end of 2020. The tax was originally approved to fund construction of the Westlake Recreation Center.

Superintendent: Focus must be on individual students

Geoff Palmer said the district faces “two looming questions.” First, whether and how to pursue Phase II, the elementary school section, of its facilities improvement plan, and second, when to ask voters to approve a new operating levy. Palmer wants the district to improve its communications with the community about these important issues.

Council to vote on pay raises for mayor, city officials

The new salary for the mayor will again consists of two components – a base salary of $136,700 plus $1,000 for each year of experience up to 12 years. For Clough, who has been mayor since 1986, that amounts to $148,700.