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Students’ Civil War studies culminate with Blue and Gray dance

The tradition of eighth-graders donning period costumes to take on the roles of Civil War soldiers and proper ladies of the era continued for the 27th year May 26 at Lee Burneson Middle School. The school gymnasium was renamed Fort Lee Burneson for a night as students recreated the military cotillions of the era.

Parents question appropriateness of Blue and Gray cotillion

Parents of two African American students at Lee Burneson Middle School have raised questions about the appropriateness of the school’s annual Blue and Gray Cotillion. The event, at which students dress in Civil War-era clothing and participate in historical re-enactments, is designed to evoke the military cotillions of the era. Participation by students is voluntary.

Popular duo to celebrate Dean Martin’s 100th birthday at Wagner’s

Neither Fontaine or Brotherton, who were both born in 1962, saw Sinatra or Martin perform live.
“We were rock ‘n’ roll kids basically,” Brotherton said. But because the music of Sinatra and Martin has been featured in films and commercials over the years, it has become timeless in American popular culture, they said.

Family restaurant celebrates 20th anniversary

Beverly Mahle, the owner of Mahle’s Restaurant and Lounge will have good reason to celebrate when they mark the establishment’s 20th anniversary with an all-day party Monday. The restaurant will offer customer appreciation giveaways during Monday’s event and a 20-percent discount off bills for dinners Monday through Friday throughout the month of June.



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