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Civil rights commissioner to speak on immigration policy

A partner with the Cleveland-based Benesch Attorneys at Law firm, Peter Kirsanow’s legal practice focuses on representing management in employment-related litigation and contract negotiations. He was appointed to the Commission on Civil Rights for two six-year terms by President George W. Bush and a third term by Speaker of the House John Boehner.

Bond refinancing to save school district $2 million

Mark Pepera, the district’s treasurer, said he took advantage of historically low interest rates and the district’s AA+ credit rating from Standard & Poor’s to refund the district’s Build America Bonds. Along with saving interest costs, the move also eliminates any reliance on the federal government for subsidies.

District wants public’s input regarding school facilities

Officials with and supporters of the Westlake City Schools are seeking the community’s input on the next step in revitalizing the district’s facilities at the elementary school level.

New restaurants set to open in Cleveland in the new year

With the 2016 Republican National Convention looming on the horizon, Cleveland continues its trend of being on the culinary cutting edge. The Ironwood Cafe in Westlake plans to open its new West Park location at 17209 Lorain Ave. on Dec. 26, according to cafe manager and operating partner Joe Dubbs. He said the new space [...]