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New Driveway restrictions among topics for public hearings

The proposed law states that residential driveways may not cover more than 14 percent of an entire lot or 35 percent of a front yard. It also states that a rear lot may not be paved for parking unless the garage is located in the rear lot.

Sportsmanship a priority for Westlake Baseball League

Courtesy of John S. Alfes The phrase “Good game” echoes throughout the night sky as Westlake Baseball League (WBL) players shake hands after an early June game. This display of sportsmanship dates back to when the league first began and has continued as a lasting tradition for baseball programs around the world. The WBL offers all […]

WHS class of 2015 urged to surmount obstacles

By repeating a series of incorrect Tweets about staff members and students, Principal Tim Freeman warned graduates against falling prey to the pitfalls of modern technology.

Craft brewer not worried about trendy competitors

Today Black Box sells 32 different beers. The most popular are Plumbers Crack Ale, an Amber Pale Ale with a slightly nutty flavor, and Cloud 9, a Spiced Belgian style white wheat beer, made with fresh-cut lemon grass and sweet orange peel. Many of the Black Box beers are seasonal, such as Cleveland’s Own Christmas Ale.