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Westlake pursuing regional water distribution system

Meters could be placed in water pipes at where they enter Westlake from various suppliers, measuring the amount of water coming in or out. The system would be not unlike the modern electrical grid and natural gas system, in which customers can select from multiple suppliers that contribute to a shared distribution system.

Clough, again, seeks appointed law director

The post of law director had been an appointed one until 2006. Two years earlier, a group of residents, unhappy with what they called excessive hiring of outside legal council by the law director, persuaded voters to pass a Charter amendment making the position an elected one. The Charter amendment passed over the objection of the mayor and City Council leaders.

Plans for elementary schools, community center intertwined

The city and school district have been holding talks about a sale of the Parkside School building and property to the city. Those discussions are part of a series of interrelated decisions each public entity must make about properties and future facility projects.

Vote to strike: Work stoppage to begin Aug. 18

Westlake City School teachers voted June 15 to strike beginning Aug. 18. Because the Board of Education voted to impose its “last, best and final” contract offer effective June 27, teachers will cease all activity in the district June 24.