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Significant number of Westlake students ‘opting out’ of state tests, Palmer reports

As the nationwide opt-out movement’s momentum reached Westlake, the district’s principals and other administrators endeavored to meet with parents balking at the PARCC testing, Superintendent Geoff Palmer said. In many of those cases, parents were persuaded to have their children take the tests.

Partisan politics enters rec fee discussion

Annual fees for members of the Westlake Recreation Center will not increase in 2015. But the number of members and the income they generate have been basically flat during the past four years, a fact that concerns City Council President Mike Killeen.

New policies pursued to thwart Clague Cabin vandalism

About half a dozen episodes of damage at the cabin took place following rentals during the past year, according to Recreation Director Bob DeMinico. Doors, tables and chairs were broken by persons renting the cabin, he said. In one case, a witness told police a person went up on the cabin’s roof.

Autobiography details life from WWII Europe to Westlake

Nine-year-old Charlotte spoke no German, only Polish, when Germany invaded Poland on Sept. 1, 1939. In the months leading up to that historic date, some of her Polish friends began treating her and her family differently, she recalled. Some boys called her “You Hitler.”