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Council considers study of Riverdale Drive improvements

By Sue Botos Rocky River Anyone who has navigated the hairpin turn leading to Riverdale Drive in the city’s Yacht Club Basin neighborhood knows it can be treacherous. City Council has recently started conversation about a two-part analysis which may result in widening the road as well as redirecting the sewer flow in the area. […]

Council begins talk on police division needs assessment

Rocky River By Sue Botos City Council has introduced legislation officially setting the wheels in motion for a much anticipated update of the police station. First announced in August, council began conversation regarding a $40,000 contract with Richard Bowen and Associates for a needs assessment of the law enforcement division. The measure is expected to […]

Intervention, drug court steer addicts to sobriety according to panel

Rocky River By Sue Botos The adage “an addict must want to be cured” is a myth, according to chemical dependency counselor Russ Goodwin. While the desire for support eventually must be internalized, step one, he said, is often external. “Addicts get help because someone is kicking them in the butt,” Goodwin told an audience […]

Townhome project proposed for Rockcliff Lane

By Sue Botos Rocky River While a controversial condominium project on Lake Road has been placed on hold by City Council, plans for a much smaller-scale development have begun to make their way through city commissions. During its Nov. 14 legislative session, council heard from David Maddux, of Rockcliff Estates, LLC, which is proposing a […]