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Schools seek more talks with city about Pine property

By Jeff Gallatin North Olmsted North Olmsted School District officials have asked their counterparts in the city of North Olmsted for a follow-up discussion about the potential sale of property near Pine School. Municipal officials want to use the property to build a flood prevention basin on it. The district’s request comes after two recent […]

Don’t text and drive the message from schools, AT & T

By Jeff Gallatin North Olmsted School and AT&T officials teamed up Friday to send a simple but strong message to North Olmsted High School (NOHS) students. Don’t text and drive. A variety of interactive events, videos and displays were brought in to the school to bring the point home about driver safety whether texting and/or […]

North Olmsted acting postmaster honored for delivering big save for scam victim

By Jeff Gallatin North Olmsted Acting North Olmsted Postmaster Marquitta Hayward was honored Friday for delivering in a big way for a woman who had been scammed out of $9,500, getting the money back for the 84-year-old grandmother. Postal officials presented the Postmaster General Hero award to Hayward while Angel Walling, the North Olmsted police […]

School officials meeting with residents to explain building project

By Jeff Gallatin North Olmsted District and project officials for the North Olmsted school’s $90 million construction project told neighbors Monday it’s going to be a busy summer and fall at the building site. Individual meetings with many residents have been set up to explain the work. About 45 people attended Monday’s meeting at the […]