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Warm up to winter at Humble Wine Bar

Cozy up to the bar at Humble Wine Bar in Lakewood and soak up the warmth radiating from the eatery’s focal point, a 750-degree pizza oven. The wine bar, an offshoot of nearby Deagan’s Kitchen and Bar, turns out some good food under the guidance of chef de cuisine Vincent Sanchez. The custom-built pizza oven [...]

Lakewood resident publishes memoir on teaching in inner-city schools

By Nicole Hennessy Lakewood Judy Fitch pushes blond bangs out of her blue eyes, around which smile lines have formed, and looks out the window of a coffee shop a few blocks from her Lakewood home. “Every teacher has stories,” she says, a copy of her recently published book, “Wildflowers: A Memoir of an Inner City [...]

Lakewood searching for families to renovate historic homes

By Nicole Hennessy Lakewood On Grace Avenue sits a historic boarding house built in 1898. Its floors and walls are chipped. Large original windows and fireplaces in need of repair crumble a bit, and small rooms off of tight hallways beg to be opened up and turned into much larger spaces. The quickest way to [...]

Plans to overhaul Madison Avenue announced at community forum

By Nicole Hennessy Lakewood The newly redesigned Detroit Avenue in Lakewood received $8 million in private investment alone, turning the aging strip of shops and housing into a destination, especially in the downtown area, in which the investment is the most noticeable. But a street over, residents and business owners were left wondering, “What about [...]