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Proposal to allow dogs in parks introduced by council

After periodic discussions, council members were about to remove the issue from its committee agenda in the fall of 2016 without repealing the ban. But some residents against the ban again spoke up.
At a council meeting in October, more than a dozen residents attended a City Council meeting asking members to repeal the dog ban.

Fairview Schools to join AP Capstone program in 2017-2018 school year

AP Capstone was developed by College Board, which also runs the SAT college admissions test and offers advanced placement courses for which students can also receive college credit. According to the College Board website, the program encourages students to evaluate multiple points of view on a complex issues and develop person perspectives through inquiry and investigation.

Teaching methods changing under Summit personalized learning platform

The explosion of information available on the internet led the Fairview Park City Schools to rethink its attitude toward teaching even before the implementation of the Summit Learning Platform this school year.

EPA-led workshop to aid redevelopment in Fairview Park

Called “Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities,” the program consist of a two-day workshop in Fairvew Park at which EPA officials or consultants meet with municipal leaders and community stakeholders to review goals and identify development tools