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Consumerism coming to health care, Fairview Hospital president says

Consumerism and competition will serve to drive down health care costs and improve quality over the next decade, Fairview Hospital President Dr. Neil Smith said.

Work on Safe Routes projects to start next summer

Work on 13 infrastructure improvements in and around Fairview Park’s public schools will begin in the summer of 2015 now that the Ohio Department of Transportation has awarded the city’s Safe Routes to School project $350,000 in grants. ODOT administers the program and funds 20 percent of the grants. The rest of the money comes from the federal Department of Transportation.

Mayor presses Giant Eagle for upgrade of Fairview Centre store

Mayor Eileen Patton said she had previously been told that no such upgrade of the Fairview Centre store would take place until sales at the store increased. However, the mayor argues that better sale numbers will not appear until the store has a fresh, remodeled atmosphere.

Fairview church’s European festival is Saturday

The event celebrates European culture, particularly that of eastern European nations such as Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia, from where many Byzantine Catholics in America trace their ancestry. The festival, which runs from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., also serves as a fundraiser and way for the parish to reach out to the broader community, organizers say.