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Water flow data will determine long-term sewer plan

Water flow measurements from the city’s sewer system will be used to determine what large-scale sewer projects are needed to reduce flooding problems, city officials said Nov. 24.

RTA’s No. 55 bus routes to get new names

RTA’s No. 55 bus line will be rechristened the Cleveland State line on Monday. The name change highlights $20 million in improvements along the Clifton Boulevard section of the route.

Hughes named permanent fire chief

Jim Hughes, who has led the Westlake Fire Department since August 2011, now has the full title that corresponds to his duties and responsibilities.

An encounter with Lee Harvey Oswald

Oswald explained how he gradually became disillussioned with his new life in the Soviet Union. He found the factory work boring. Workers were required to attend regular Communist Party rallies. Although workers could vote on some matters, the votes were formalities.