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New sign signals school news

Student council raised $12,000 over several years to pay for the sign, which was installed Nov. 18. Students are responsible for updating the sign, now done remotely from inside the school building. News about the district and high school events – as well as time, date and temperature – is now displayed on the sign.

Baker to succeed Greenspan on County Council

Meeting at Rocky River’s Don Umerley Civic Center, Republican Party Central Committee members from District 1 voted for Baker over Brad Lamb, 34 to 13, to fill Dave Greenspan’s unexpired term.

Gemini Center fee hikes to go toward higher debt service payments

The fee hike for 2017 is only the second increase members have seen since the facility opened in January 2008.

Fairview Park contemplates ban on feeding deer

Comments made on a Fairview Park Facebook group about the issue were mixed, with some saying the government should not tell people what to do on their property. Others said they’d support a feeding ban in order to prevent rats and other rodents.