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The King of Nothing

  Today’s Take: The King of Nothing has left the building      By Jim Horvath I think we can all step back and take a deep breath now. The events of the past five days concerning the King of Nothing have, if nothing else, provided thousands of sports fans with plenty to talk about. We’ve […]

With everything on the line…

  A Sporting Viewpoint: Game 7 showed Cavs not there yet   By Jim Horvath            Did you watch Game 7 of the NBA Finals last night? I did, and a big dose of reality hit me like a ton of bricks as the Lakers rallied to top Boston for their second-straight title.           The […]

Cavs, Indians and Browns, oh my!

  A Sporting Viewpoint: A volatile time in C-Town  By Jim Horvath           How many times have we all heard this before?           You gotta be tough to be a Cleveland sports fan.           Too many times, without doubt. All three of our teams find themselves at that proverbial fork in the road. And each […]



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