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Neighbors stew over rooms with a view; Brickhaus to propose Lake Road project

By Sue Botos Rocky River Neighbors of a proposed lakeside condominium project are taking what they feel is a proactive approach to stop it from becoming a reality. However, rezoning and other variances promise a long trip through city commissions for what developer Andrew Brickman feels is a needed housing option for the city. “I […]

Don’t text and drive the message from schools, AT & T

By Jeff Gallatin North Olmsted School and AT&T officials teamed up Friday to send a simple but strong message to North Olmsted High School (NOHS) students. Don’t text and drive. A variety of interactive events, videos and displays were brought in to the school to bring the point home about driver safety whether texting and/or […]

North Olmsted acting postmaster honored for delivering big save for scam victim

By Jeff Gallatin North Olmsted Acting North Olmsted Postmaster Marquitta Hayward was honored Friday for delivering in a big way for a woman who had been scammed out of $9,500, getting the money back for the 84-year-old grandmother. Postal officials presented the Postmaster General Hero award to Hayward while Angel Walling, the North Olmsted police […]

Sutherland says she’ll veto spending limit proposal

By Jeff Gallatin Bay Village Mayor Debbie Sutherland has told City Council she will veto a proposal that requires any capital expenditures or personal services contract which exceeds $20,000 to go before council for approval. Sutherland postponed a planned business trip to Columbus last week to read a letter into the record at the May […]