Lakewood OH

To the letter: City to explore grant opportunities for Detroit Road improvements

By Sue Botos Rocky River Safety-service Director Mary Kay Costello will be stirring up an alphabet soup of funding sources in an effort to find feasible solutions to improving traffic, pedestrian and bicycle flow on Detroit Road, one of which may involve the removal of the Marion Ramps. “In the future we will be seeing […]

School board backs $35.2M facilities plan

Voters will be asked to approve an $11 million bond issue and a $14 million permanent improvement levy that will cost homeowners an additional $93 annually for each $100,000 of property valuation. The district will also utilize $10 million of its reserve funds to finance the project.

Westlake pursuing regional water distribution system

Meters could be placed in water pipes at where they enter Westlake from various suppliers, measuring the amount of water coming in or out. The system would be not unlike the modern electrical grid and natural gas system, in which customers can select from multiple suppliers that contribute to a shared distribution system.

Police believe curtain could help reveal Mihaljevic’s killer

By Jeff Gallatin Bay Village Law enforcement officials believe identifying the owner of a homemade curtain could help pull aside the veil of mystery as to who killed 10-year-old Amy Mihaljevic of Bay Village after she was abducted in October 1989. Members of multiple law enforcement agencies involved in the ongoing investigation of Mihaljevic’s abduction […]