Lakewood OH

Rahm appointed to BOE seat

By Jeff Gallatin North Olmsted A veteran of assorted school activities, hearing consultant and mother of three children was unanimously approved Saturday as the newest member of the North Olmsted Board of Education. Kimberly Rahm, who graduated from North Olmsted High School in 1990, will be taking the seat that opened up when longtime board […]

Sutherland says she’ll OK Walker Road deer culling pact with Avon Lake

By Jeff Gallatin Bay Village Mayor Debbie Sutherland is ready to enter into an agreement with Avon Lake officials authorizing that city to use sharpshooters for deer culling in Walker Road Park – which is run jointly by both cities – most likely in early 2016. Sutherland said she is only waiting for official authorization […]

Welcome House goes ‘extra mile’ to celebrate ADA’s 25th anniversary

By Sue Botos Westshore It used to be nearly impossible for a person confined to a wheelchair to do things that most people take for granted, such as going shopping or riding a bus. However, almost 25 years ago, the Americans with DisabilitiesAct (ADA) was put in place to ensure equal opportunity for everyone. In […]

Technology camp introduces kids to world of coding

Camps are limited to 12 students each, and each child is provided his or her own laptop computer to use during the class.In the robotics courses, children will construct and program LEGO bricks to move with motors and gears and react to sensors.