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Hey, Demons, sprechen sie Deutsche? » pock_westlake 029

Born and raised in Klagenfurt, Austria, 31-year old Monsters player Thomas Pock is finishing his first season in Cleveland and his 13th year in the United States. A native German speaker, Pock stopped by Westlake High School on Wednesday to meet with students from the school’s German classes. Poke spoke – in English – about his upbringing in Austria, coming to America for college at UMass -Amherst, and playing professionally in the US for the past several years. Then the real fun began. The approximately 60 students in attendance – ranging in levels from beginning German to AP - came prepared with questions in Deutsche, which they posed to Pock, who responded in his native tongue. Questions ran the spectrum from what sports he played back home to how often he fights in games and everything in between. When asked how many fights he has won. “Let’s put it this way, I’ve never lost,” Pock responded. (Photo courtesy of the Lake Erie Monsters)

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