Lakewood OH


Uncomfortable steps necessary to regionalization

There was always going to be that moment after years of talking and planning when rubber would finally meet the road in the process of developing a regional fire district. That moment was always going to be uncomfortable for someone. Here we are, and our shoes are no sooner than tied with the intent of [...]

Maybe it’s time for an #infomob

For those who don’t enjoy social media – and there’s no reason you have to – hashtags serve to thread information online for the purpose of easier searching. It works in Twitter and Google +, not Facebook. Earlier this year you could search Twitter for #Brecksville and find information from a variety of sources about the [...]

Part 1: Rocky River Municipal – A municipal court

By Deborah F. Comery, Clerk of Court There are 13 municipal courts in Cuyahoga County and we all handle our local traffic violations, criminal misdemeanor complaints (all felonies are handled by Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court), civil complaints for amounts up to $15,000, small claims complaints up to $3,000 (where most of the parties in [...]

Tough Mudder … Not a race, it’s a challenge

By Joyce Bowman Rocky River The water was so cold that I swore out loud before I could stop myself. I had just jumped into a huge tub of bitter-cold water laced with tons of ice cubes and a dye that stained any exposed skin a sickly looking green. This obstacle was affectionately called the “Chernobyl Ice [...]