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Political question of the week

By Nicole Hennessy Westshore Each week leading up to the election, West Life, in partnership with The Civic Commons, has been choosing a group within the community and finding out how they feel about topical political issues. Last week the question, “Will the vice presidential debate sway how you choose to vote?” drew a small response, […]

Question of the week: How have you handled political debates on social media sites?

Westshore By Nicole Hennessy Coffee shops or bars are likely places to engage in political debates and conversations. Often, they end when one person gives up, when they can no longer force themselves to articulate such a small part of a larger whole that will unravel as long as you keep pulling. Then there’s social […]

West Life question of the week

By Nicole Hennessy Westshore The Middle East is complicated in so many ways that it is often difficult to understand its culture, let alone understand how the region’s countries react to certain situations. With news stories mostly based on violence, that’s all people really get to see of the region. A good example is the recent rioting […]

Modell in Canton? I’m conflicted …

By Ryan Kaczmarski With the recent passing of Arthur Bertram Modell, former Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens owner – in case you’re not from the area, not an NFL fan or have been living under a rock for the past 53 years – a lot of people have been questioning if he will finally be enshrined […]