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Editorial: Some government projects are worth the money

Two projects that affect the Westshore and are in need of funding fit both Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln’s criteria for government funding.

Politics plus symbolism equals stalemate

The West Life editorial board is split on the merits of SB5, which governs collective bargaining, and therefore the desired outcome of the Nov. 8 election regarding Issue 2. Is it a useful, if imperfect, tool for cities to manage public unions, or is it an over-the-top swipe at a merely symbolic target. Know what […]

EDITORIAL: Westshore cities addressing sewer, flooding problems

Sewer systems are complex and costly to maintain. The current anemic economic recovery and cuts in tax revenue will make sewer improvement projects all the more difficult to fund. Despite the best efforts of local officials, the issue of sewer maintenance and improvements will not go away anytime soon.

A shameful start – Editorial – Dec 15 2010

A shameful start             We thought our long county nightmare was over.             Apparently we were wrong.             Instead, Westshore residents learned that six newly elected Democratic members of the Cuyahoga County Council met secretly Dec. 3 to decide who would be the body’s new president.             Have these six been on Mars the past […]



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