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Egg hunt shows parents’ scrambled priorities

I never realized it before, but my husband and I were bad parents. We were there for all of our daughter’s skating competitions (my fingernails are just beginning to grow back), scraped knees, “boy drama,” friend drama, school plays and dance photo ops. But there were times we let her make her own decisions and [...]

It’s a battle for impressions in Rocky River levy loss

When Rocky River school board Finance Committee Chairman Scott Swartz said recently that “the deficit might not be so bad at the end of 2013,” the single clap of thunder was that of operating levy opponents smacking their hands together. That sound you just heard was the sound of a point being made. The district [...]

Dynamic duo helped many people through the years

Two first-class ladies who have helped thousands of people travel safely in the often confusing areas of health care and government are on the road to well-deserved retirements this week. Betty Albano, who started her career in 1968 as a nurse’s aide at Fairview Hospital, helped start one of the first paramedic programs in Ohio [...]

When a picture is worth more than a thousand words

Back in the olden days when cameras used film and you had to carefully unload exposed film in a darkroom, I worked for a school picture company. I always thought it was pretty cool that I was helping to create a memory, complete with missing teeth, braces or pink hair, that a particular student or [...]