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Ohio president’s promise destroyed by mad gunman, bad medicine

The passing years and his short tenure in the White House led James Garfield – and his promise as president – to be largely forgotten by Americans. But the loss of the president affected Americans deeply at the time, author Candice Millard says.

Hats off to a great summer

Meagan Steed North Olmsted If someone were to tell me that the summer before my senior year of college I would have both an internship at a local newspaper and a position at a local millinery shop, Studio St. Marie, I would have thought they were crazy. I had a wonderful time working with the […]

No one told me life would be this way

Of the four seasons, summer is my favorite season hands down. To me, one of the best feelings in the world is sitting on my back patio when my skin is warm to the touch and there is a slight breeze to cool me off every so often. With summer brings a feeling of being […]

Close to home- Can anyone have ‘the write stuff’?

I always enjoy feedback on what I write. Usually it’s pretty positive, but negative is good, too. At least it proves someone is reading. While I (usually) don’t hide in someone’s trash can looking for scandal, I like to think that I occasionally entertain, inform or even move someone. Kind of makes you feel a […]