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Close to home- Can anyone have ‘the write stuff’?

I always enjoy feedback on what I write. Usually it’s pretty positive, but negative is good, too. At least it proves someone is reading. While I (usually) don’t hide in someone’s trash can looking for scandal, I like to think that I occasionally entertain, inform or even move someone. Kind of makes you feel a [...]

Manners in the age of Twitter … Yes, we can have them

Taking a page from our Insights section, I noticed a story coming about an April 21 Victorian tea event sponsored by the Bay Village Historical Society, and checked my reaction about halfway through. It is entirely wonderful that the society puts on the event and that the education provided allowed a glimpse into manners pre-digital [...]

Westlake native honors grandfather’s larger than life accomplishments with big screen project

A member of a family which has helped thousands of  people through the years with their family business and assistance to those in need could use a little deserved help from the public for a special project. Katie Leimkuehler, who grew up in Westlake and interned a few years ago for West Life while she [...]

Mayor: GSA needs to market NASA property quickly

By Eileen Patton Guest columnist The leadership at the NASA John H. Glenn Research Center has determined that two large office buildings, known as Buildings 500 and 501, will be completely vacated by July 1. This office complex was built in the early 1960s and totals approximately 165,000 square feet. This once prosperous area, located [...]