Lakewood OH


OPINION: Issue 121 moves Westlake forward and won’t increase taxes

“We have an excellent opportunity with Issue 121 to replace the four elementary schools with one centrally-located building for grades Pre-K through 4th grade. This new facility would be built to accommodate all of our youngest citizens, with age appropriate separations and shared space and resources.”

Documentary explains well the need for education reform

With the term “Common Core” eliciting such visceral reactions from parents, teachers and politicians, it would be nice if there were a way to restart the conversation about reforming public education without all the baggage. Fortunately, there is. It’s a documentary called “Most Likely to Succeed.” I saw it in March at the Cleveland International […]

Caring, community-oriented Zolar knew one way: straight-forward

With Frank Zolar what you see is what you got. Frank, a longtime official and member of the North Olmsted Democrat Club in North Olmsted, devoted husband and father and supporter of the city in general, left us physically last week at the age of 94. But for those of us who regarded Frank with […]

The case for adopting a dog

When I first saw Sammy, his tongue and ears were hanging from his head; his tail too large for his body and his legs too short. He was standing in my dining room, my fiance, Mike, standing next to him, waiting to see what my reaction would be. I knew he was going to adopt […]