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Zippity Zoo Doo celebrates giraffes and supports student visits

Always one of the most anticipated yearly events for Metroparks Zoo supporters is the summertime Zippity Zoo Doo. Held on the zoo grounds, each year the party is themed for something current. This year’s event was called “Serengeti Sunset.” It was a celebration of the beauty of Africa, and specifically the brand-new viewing area of […]

Diverse customers travel on ‘The Train Play’ at convergence-continuum theater

Tremont’s convergence-continuum is perhaps the most consistently off-the-wall theater in the area. One constant is that the company presents shows here that you’ll not see anywhere else. Running through July 18 is “The Train Play,” which uses a train as a metaphor for our journey through life, and the way that very different people can […]

Great Lakes Theater gets support through Secret Gala

Great Lakes Theater has a heritage of hosting some of the area’s most imaginative fundraisers of the last quarter-century. A new venue was found for this year’s event, the equally new Aloft Hotel. Located where the Warehouse District meets Lake Erie, Aloft Hotel does not have a lot of banquet facilities, so the 220 guests […]

Birthday Bash celebrates St. Martin de Porres School

For the last decade, St. Martin de Porres High School has made huge strides in educating young people. Located in the heart of Cleveland, the school pairs upperclassmen with companies and organizations that also make Cleveland their home. The internships generate revenue that helps pay for the students’ education, as well as prepare them for […]