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Hometown journalist Mike McIntyre happy to keep the local beat

By Sue Botos Rocky River During her introduction of the November luncheon speaker, local journalist Mike McIntyre, Rocky River Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Liz Manning noted that McIntyre was selected as backup to May speaker Martin Savidge in the event that Savidge was called to report on a breaking news event for CNN. “That’s [...]

An encounter with Lee Harvey Oswald

Oswald explained how he gradually became disillussioned with his new life in the Soviet Union. He found the factory work boring. Workers were required to attend regular Communist Party rallies. Although workers could vote on some matters, the votes were formalities.

Westlake High students named art museum ambassadors

The program is designed to build a general awareness of museum life and careers, as well as to build career skills, including public speaking and team-based project planning.

Rocky River resident won’t let hardship break her dreams

By Sue Botos Rocky River Like any student, Rocky River resident Miro Tabanji says some subjects come easier to her than others. “I’m taking math and I’ve been studying hard, but it makes a huge difference when you have a good instructor,” said Tabanji, who is working toward her associate degree at Cuyahoga Community College. [...]