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What’s for lunch? School nutritionist cooks up healthy, tasty options for students

by Sue Botos Rocky River Remember when school lunches consisted of mystery meat and fried everything? Walk into the kitchens at Rocky River High School or the middle school, and the fryers may still be there, but they are gathering dust, not grease. Nutrition specialist Tina Wasserbauer is more than glad to discuss her creative, [...]

Trio of Rocky River students speaks out against hate, place in Maltz essay contest

By Sue Botos Rocky River At one time or another, most teens are faced with bullying from peers. But for those perceived as being “different” the cruelty can be overwhelming, and simple kindness can change a life. Two Rocky River Middle School students and a Magnificat High School sophomore recently shared their experiences of helping [...]

‘No harm, no fowl’ is policy of Ohio Geese Control

By Sue Botos Westshore As a golf course manager for more than 10 years, Rocky River resident Jeff Hower is all too familiar with Canada geese. The manicured fairways and ponds created the perfect environment for the birds, but not so much for golfers stepping in droppings and being chased by protective geese during nesting [...]

North Olmsted hosts cyberbullying info session

By Nicole Hennessy Westshore Online, the illusion of anonymity can skew judgment, allowing people to say things they would never say in person. The online comment section of any random news article shows this. Whether the piece is about melting ice caps or community improvement initiatives, sites that draw a lot of commentators also draw [...]