Lakewood OH


Panel presents facts, gives suggestions for fighting ID theft and fraud

By Sue Botos Westshore Rocky River police Detective Craig Witalis shakes his head when people say there is no crime in the community. “For 18 years I have heard that nothing happens in Rocky River. There is no protective bubble over the city,” the veteran officer told an audience of about 100 at the Don [...]

Hammonds say volunteering sparked close friendships

Fred and Barbara Hammond were recently named Mr. and Mrs. Westlake in recognition of their volunteer work in the community. But the couple said the greatest reward of volunteering has been the numerous close friendships they’ve made.

Cat caught by tail in school bus

On Nov. 12, bus driver Denise Wering was in the middle of her morning route when another driver, Marge Laskowski, radioed Wering to check the back of her bus. When the two drivers pulled over on Dover Center Road, they found a tail and a paw sticking out of the engine in the back of the bus. When the drivers tugged on the foot, it moved. Under the hood they saw that the cat’s right front leg and the back of its neck were stuck were wedged in the serpentine belt.

An encounter with Lee Harvey Oswald – part 2

Joe Reardon said he has intentionally avoided reading much about the JFK assassination to avoid tainting his personal memories of Oswald. But he believes Oswald’s anger with John Connelly, who as Texas governor was seated directly in front of Kennedy during the fatal motorcade, played a part in the assassination.