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Rocky River Bright Spot garden rooted in family tradition

By Sue Botos Rocky River Driving along Lake Road in Rocky River, it’s hard to miss Thomas Savoca’s front yard. A virtual kaleidoscope of colors spills from large urns, flowing into a border of more flowers circling a manicured lawn. This was the vision that earned Savoca a place on this year’s list of Bright [...]

Council approves Avalon water line work before summer recess

By Sue Botos Rocky River City Council has put the wheels in motion to begin water main rehabilitation work on Avalon Drive. At its last session before the August break, council approved legislation entering into a contract with Utilicon Corp. for the job, which is expected to cost $489,081. Utilicon’s bid was $9,860 less than [...]

Rocky River Park stormwater project to stem the tide of runoff

By Sue Botos Rocky River The “green infrastructure” demonstration project recently completed on the City Hall campus has been successfully controlling excess stormwater, according to city officials. Now, Rocky River Park is next in line for work that will help direct runoff from Lake Erie. At its last legislative session before August recess, City Council [...]

World Changers spread joy one project at a time

By Sue Botos Rocky River While many teenagers spend their summer break from school working at fast food restaurants or on their tans, more than 12,000 students throughout the country have paid about $250 each to work for free. For the past week, 510 of these students, representing church groups from Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, [...]