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Dog paddle: Rocky River couple and their dogs ride the waves, serve the community

Rocky River By Sue Botos It’s not unusual to see people cruising through the water just off Bradstreet’s Landing standing on paddle boards on a warm summer day. But a visitor to the beach on a sunny morning might be surprised to look out onto the water and see a board with a unique passenger. […]

Spirituality is the blueprint for success according to expert

Rocky River By Sue Botos Children and young people today are pulled in many directions by countless influences, but according to psychologist Lisa Miller, a solid core of spiritual values helps keep them centered and healthy. Miller, a professor of psychology and education and the director of the Clinical Psychology program at the Columbia University […]

City secures contractor: Executive Club demolition is a go

Rocky River By Sue Botos Similar to this year’s presidential campaign, it seemed like the former Executive Club would not go away. After wading through a quagmire of legal red tape and questionable ownership, city officials ran into a wall of asbestos abatement, hiking up the price tag of razing the deteriorating Center Ridge Road […]

Standoff ends with vehicle stuck at dead end

An early Monday morning police chase ended with an hourslong standoff and peaceful resolution in a Rocky River cul-de-sac after the fleeing vehicle became stuck in a yard.