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World Changers spread joy one project at a time

By Sue Botos Rocky River While many teenagers spend their summer break from school working at fast food restaurants or on their tans, more than 12,000 students throughout the country have paid about $250 each to work for free. For the past week, 510 of these students, representing church groups from Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, [...]

City looking to restructure bonds for road projects, civic center

By Sue Botos Rocky River City Council has begun the process of restructuring debt for several road projects and for the Don Umerley Civic Center. The move is expected to add about $826,000 to city coffers over a 10-year period. John Petty, underwriter for Huntington Bank and a former member of the city’s Parks and [...]

‘Superhero’ pair to ‘Pedal to the Point’ in tandem

By Sue Botos Rocky River Keith and Emily Bryant may not be twins, but they have always been close. So when Keith was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in December 2012, his sister, younger by three years, immediately went to work researching the disease to find out what the family could do to help. Now the [...]

Invest in River campaign to ‘talk, tell and educate residents on need for income tax hike

By Sue Botos Rocky River When Mayor Pam Bobst called her staff together at the beginning of the 2008 recession, they knew that millions would need to be cut from the general fund over the coming years. They also agreed that this would be done in such a way that residents would notice little change [...]