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Has government out-paced our desire, or our ability to understand?

West Life’s writers work very hard, week in and week out, to bring our readers an understandable accounting of what happens each week in the Westshore. We deal in police contracts, school board elections, state budgets and environmental studies (and yes we offer features fracking, car shows and artists among many others). You live in [...]

Maybe it’s time for an #infomob

For those who don’t enjoy social media – and there’s no reason you have to – hashtags serve to thread information online for the purpose of easier searching. It works in Twitter and Google +, not Facebook. Earlier this year you could search Twitter for #Brecksville and find information from a variety of sources about the [...]


New Northern Ohio Rose hails from Trumbull County

By Kevin Kelley Westlake Westlake may be a sister city to Tralee, Ireland. But in the two contests for the title of Northern Ohio Rose, being from Westlake or even the Westshore has apparently not been an advantage. The 2012 Northern Ohio Rose crown was awarded to the finalist who lives the farthest distance from [...]