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District to auction Coffinberry property

Redevelopment of the Coffinberry property was a longstanding goal of the Gemini Project, a plan approved by voters in 2005 that led to construction of the new Gilles-Sweet Elementary School and the Gemini Center, the city’s recreation complex. The school district delayed a sale of the property when a deep decline hit the housing market in 2007 and continued for several years.

2007 murder featured on TV show

“Cold Justice” follows former Texas prosecutor Kelly Siegler and former Las Vegas crime-scene investigator Yolanda McClary as they investigate unsolved murder cases. According to a TNT press release, Siegler and McClary have helped local law enforcement make 21 arrests and obtain 11 criminal indictments, four confessions, three guilty pleas and three convictions.

New Fairview nursing home hosting open house Sunday

O’Neill Healthcare officials want to showcase the Lorain Road facility’s creatively designed community area, its proximity to Fairview Hospital and the quality of its nursing and therapy staff.

Westlake author pens children’s travel book

Rosie Rabbit, a fury travel guid,e is the creation of Westlake author Diane Herak, who for many years wrote feature articles for the Westlake Times newspaper. The mother of eight and grandmother of 17, Herak has incorporated memories of her own travels in what will be series of books.