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Foxy farce entertains on Clague Playhouse stage

You don’t have to like golf or be a golfer to enjoy “Fox on the Fairway” at Clague Playhouse. All you have to be is open to the idea of a well-written and well-presented modern-day farce. Writer Ken Ludwig has a knack for constructing insanely improbable scripts that are, well, insane. In this one, there’s [...]

New script at Cleveland Play House asks provocative questions

Scientists tell us that all humans are genetically more than 99 percent identical. So, what is it that makes us different and individuals? That is the overwhelming question asked in the new play “Informed Consent” having its world premiere on the Second Stage of the Cleveland Play House at PlayhouseSquare. Playwright Deborah Zoe Laufer’s script [...]

‘Flashdance–The Musical’ expands 1983 movie

Movies continue to be a rich source of material for stage musicals. Currently on stage at PlayhouseSquare is the touring production of “Flashdance – The Musical.” It is based on the 1983 movie that spoke to young people and reflected the music of the era. It is the story of Alex, a welder in Pittsburgh [...]

Beck’s ‘night, Mother’ revisits disturbing themes

We all experience feelings of despair and hopelessness. That we don’t act on them and destroy ourselves is a good thing, and demonstrates a healthy mental state. Change a few circumstances and variables, however, and who knows how many people might give in to the urge to commit suicide? That is the subject matter of [...]