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‘Flashdance–The Musical’ expands 1983 movie

Movies continue to be a rich source of material for stage musicals. Currently on stage at PlayhouseSquare is the touring production of “Flashdance – The Musical.” It is based on the 1983 movie that spoke to young people and reflected the music of the era. It is the story of Alex, a welder in Pittsburgh [...]

Beck’s ‘night, Mother’ revisits disturbing themes

We all experience feelings of despair and hopelessness. That we don’t act on them and destroy ourselves is a good thing, and demonstrates a healthy mental state. Change a few circumstances and variables, however, and who knows how many people might give in to the urge to commit suicide? That is the subject matter of [...]

Convergence-continuum theater goes doubly surreal with ‘Lobster Alice’

To the credit of the quirky and dedicated convergence-continuum theater, its productions are usually marked with a surreal quality in character, storyline or both. In its current production, “Lobster Alice,” there are a lot of elements that hold massive potential for this style. Sadly, playwright Kira Obolensky makes little use of the potential in the [...]

Clague Playhouse presents mature comedy

Clague Playhouse is currently presenting the very solid play “Lost in Yonkers.” It represents Neil Simon as a mature playwright of complex works. That the Clague production is also mature is a huge plus for the audience. Neil Simon made his big Broadway splash a half-century ago with “The Odd Couple.” In a short time [...]