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Bay will discuss deer issues at Oct. 16 meeting


BAY VILLAGE – City officials will hold a public meeting Oct. 16 in City Council chambers at 6:30 p.m. to discuss results of the recently concluded survey on deer issues.

In the survey, about two-thirds of the 1,465 respondents favored some type of deer control in the city. Mayor Paul Koomar said Thursday having the meeting goes along with plans to set up  a deer control policy in the city within the next few months. The meeting will set up by the City Council Environmental Control Committee to take place that night at a time to be determined this week.

“We wanted to take some other steps before we adopted any type of policy,” Koomar said. “One of those included hiring an animal control officer, which we did last week, to help us develop the policy.

Last month, the city hired Mark Adkins, who Koomar said is proving to be very knowledgeable animal control officer and will enable the city to keep moving forward.

Koomar said the city must work with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and get its approval before the city can put any deer control plan in place.

“One of the state’s requirements is that there must be public hearings on the matter of gather public input on potential solutions,” he said. “So, we felt that setting up the hearing to discuss the survey results would also allow us to discuss possible options for the city to take.”

Koomar said Geoff Westerfield of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will be at the Oct. 16 meeting.

In the survey, 626 respondents said sharp shooting would be an acceptable to cull the deer, with 468 saying controlled bow hunting also could be used. Another 297 people said they favored other methods of control, such as relocating deer, use of contraceptives or sterilization.

Bay Village Police Chief Mark Spaetzel, whose department handled the on-line survey, said he expects a busy meeting.

“We’ll present the information from the survey which generated a lot of opinions by itself,” he said. “I’m sure we’ll get a wide range of them at this meeting as well, which should help us work on generating our overall policy.”

Spaetzel said the city is also likely to take part in getting an aerial survey of the deer herd in Bay Village again and that he can discuss that and other work related to deer issues in the city.



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