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Bay must decide whether to replace Columbia Road culvert


BAY VILLAGE – City officials have placed thick metal plates over a century old culvert near the intersection of Columbia and Lake roads while they determine whether the pipe needs to be repaired or replaced.

Interim Service Director Jon Liskovec said Thursday he is waiting for a report from Cuyahoga County inspectors on what course of action to take.  The culvert is located on Columbia about 150 yards south of Lake.

Records show the culvert is about 100 years old, which probably is a primary reason why it’s deteriorating, Liskovec said.

Liskovec said he had gone to the area Sept. 27 to check some reports about a possible sink hole. He said he didn’t find one, but found the deterioration and asked the county to inspect it because it’s a county road.

Their initial inspection recommended that the area be closed off entirely, he said.

Liskovec said there was no prior history of problems before the latest inspection. Bay Village service crews and police shut off the area for several hours while officials decided what to do.

“That’s a very heavily traveled area by two major roadways which people are using to get to and from their homes and elsewhere , so we needed to make sure it’s secure and safe,” Liskovec said.

Placing the two metal sheets over the area and putting up signs warning people of the bump allows motorists to continue to use it, Liskovec said.

Police Chief Mark Spaetzel said being able to have traffic continue to go through the area lessens potential problems.

“Shutting off that area of road entirely would be tough,” he said. “You can do detours and direct traffic, but you want to be able to ensure as smooth a traffic flow as possible in that type of area. We spent some time at the city considering how to handle it.”

Liskovec said city officials discussed it with the state since Lake Road is also a state route which led to the temporary solution.


Liskovec said city crews will return in the next few weeks to imbed the plates in the roadway before winter so it can be plowed. Whatever is decided, Liskovec said he expects the work to be on the 2018 street project list. He said the city can’t do any cost estimates until they decide what action to take.



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