Lakewood OH

Honoring the fallen

Photos by Sue Botos

The number of first responders who gave their lives on 9/11 is displayed in front of the Rocky River fire station. In the evening, the same number of votives lined the station’s driveway.

Rocky River United Methodist Church pastor Daniel Bogre speaks while Mayor Pam Bobst abd school board member Addie Olander look on.

Police chief Kelly Stillman, right, and other officers observe a moment of silence. photos by Sue Botos




ROCKY RIVER – Police, firefighters, city employees and residents gathered on Monday morning at the flagpole outside of Rocky River City Hall to observe the 16th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people. Mayor Pam Bobst and Rev. Daniel Bogre of the Rocky River United Methodist Church made remarks urging those present to pass the memory of the tragic day onto the next generation, so that it will never be forgotten. Former United Airlines employee Arlene Brahm recalled being in uniform that day and the bond that united the airline workers. “When one is cut, we all bleed,” she said. Although Brahm did not know any of the employees aboard the airliners that day, she has visited Ground Zero in New York City and the memorial in Shanksville, Penn. “It was horrific,” Brahm, who had her golden retriever Ella with her. “I hope we never see anything like that again.”



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