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Painted path – Rosewood street mural work begins this week




LAKEWOOD – City planners hope that a bold street mural on Rosewood Avenue, adjacent to Wagar Park, will provide a colorful preview of traffic patterns should that street close for park expansion.

Three concepts for park renovation were presented to the public in November of 2016. Two of these plans call for the closing of Rosewood between Hilliard Road and Park Place.

The mural, titled “Graphic Positivity,” will be painted directly on the street, between Hilliard Road and Park Place, by Studio Chartreuse. The Lakewood-based design firm that won a public art design competition earlier in the summer, beating 12 other submissions as judged by a jury of local experts.

“The project was inspired by the 2016 parks’ master plan,” city planner Katelyn Milius said.

Finalists made a brief presentation to the jury regarding their proposals, and answered questions. After being selected, artists from Studio Chartreuse then presented their concept to the city’s Architectural Board of Review for final approval on July 6.

But the work will only be a temporary installation, Milius said, acting as a two- to three-year pilot of the closure of Rosewood prior to park renovation. “Eventually we have plans to include the street in Wagar Park, but before we rip out the street we want to make sure safety forces can navigate the area,” she added.

The work also solves a very confusing intersection, Milius said. The juncture of Madison Avenue, Hilliard and Rosewood has an array of traffic patterns and signals. Traffic studies will be made before and during the temporary closure.

Charity D’Amato of Studio Chartreuse said they were thrilled to be selected.

“As a Lakewood business for many years it is an honor to collaborate and get creative with community spaces such as Wagar Park and enrich Lakewood’s quality of life,” D’Amato said.

A rendering shows bold, graphic shapes, set off with bock letter invitations to, “Love”, “Be Kind” and “Play”.

Milius said that the artists were awarded a $1,000 stipend to create their work, but numerous donations have rounded out the cost. “We’ve really seen businesses come together to support this,” she said, adding that Sherwin Williams as well as smaller companies have donated paint.

Work , which is to start this week, is expected to take 10 days. Although vehicles won’t be driving over the artwork, Milius said it will provide additional park space for bike riding, roller skating and creative play.

“The street mural gets people thinking of art in a new way, beyond a mural on a building or a sculpture in a park,” said Beth Ryan, a member of Lakewood’s Public Art Task Force. “I think it was important to go big and bold with our first public art piece. I am very excited to see this project come to fruition.”




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