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Rocky River Council OKs engineering study for ice rink roof



ROCKY RIVER – For years skaters, soccer players and anyone else using the Hamilton Ice Arena has had to dodge drops falling from a leaky roof. But city Council has put plans in motion, by passing legislation at its July 10 session, for an engineering study which will explore the practicality of placing an overlay on top of the existing roof.

“This ordinance attempts to deal with a contingency issue on the replacement of the roof,” commented sponsor Chris Klym. He referred to the fact that the measure enters the city into a contract with Westlake based R.E. Warner & Associates in the amount of $45,650. Included in that amount is a design fee of $4,150 and an environmental testing allowance of $2,000. Additionally it allows for a contingency of up to $20,000 if additional needs arise during the project.

According to parks and recreation director Chris Mehling, $375,000 was baked into the 2017 budget for the roof project. The engineering work outlined in the ordinance is expected to confirm that the overlay is a feasible solution.

The arena, which serves as an ice rink for six months, and a soccer/day camp facility for the remainder of the year, is about 47 years old.  The 26,000 square foot roof is mostly original, although it had received numerous repairs. In 1999, an aluminum roof coating was applied and flashing was sealed with seam tape. Five years later, repairs were made around an air conditioning unit, and in 2016, additional tape, rubberized patches and self-adhesive cover strips were applied. According to a preliminary report by R.E. Warner, “All of these efforts seem to be failing or are near failing and require some overall attention.”

According to information provided by the company, the scope of the work will include field work to analyze existing conditions, including mechanical units which will be replaced. In addition, architectural, structural and mechanical considerations will be made. It was noted four new rooftop HVAC units will be installed, and that only minor revisions will be needed, not complete rerouting.

After a bid is awarded for construction, work is expected to begin in mid-July, and be completed by September 15, weather permitting.

NOTE: It was also agreed upon by council that committee and legislative session start times will be moved from 8 to 7 p.m., starting in July. Council will have is annual recess in August





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