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Rocky River 2017 street repair program being considered by Council


ROCKY RIVER – Before its annual August recess, City Council hopes to get this year’s street repair program underway. According to ordinance sponsor, Ward 4 Councilman John Shepherd, six bids were received, with Crossroads Asphalt Recycling being chosen to complete the work, turning in an estimate of $789,947, well short of engineer Michael Mackay’s calculation of $950,000.

While spending several lean budget years with little or no infrastructure work, Shepherd said this program will be aggressive, but slightly less disruptive than the 2015 and 2016 work. Streets set for new paving include Buckingham Road, Elmwood Road (from Lake to Avalon), Erie Road (west from Elmwood through and including Whittlesay Lane), High Parkway (from 18519 High Parkway to East Shoreland), Kensington Oval, Morewood Alley East, Orchard Grove (to Westmoor), Palmer Drive, Smith Court, Southbend Circle, Southbend Drive (street repairs), Stratford Drive, Wooster Parkway and the City Hall lot between the Senior and Civic centers.

“We’ve heard from some residents eager about Wooster Road,” added Shepherd, referring to the upcoming paving project on that byway. “That’s in our sights for 2018. We’re doing that with state money.”

In 2016, waterlines were replaced on Wooster between Center Ridge and Detroit. The estimated $2.1 million project was entirely funded through the city’s agreement with the Cleveland Division of Water, and according to Safety-Service Director Mary Kay Costello, this has been the largest water main project for the city to date.

Under the agreement entered into with Cleveland Water in 2012, the city turned over ownership of “distribution line,” or those of less than 20 inches, to Cleveland, which already owned large trunk lines. Mayor Pam Bobst has noted that millions of dollars of work in Rocky River has been funded by the agreement.

Costello further explained that repairs on Southbend Circle and Southbend Drive will be spot improvements to the concrete streets. She added that covering them with asphalt would not be practical. Referring to a similar 2008 project on the concrete streets of Christensen Estates, she stated, “They are very hardy streets. They’ve stood up well. We’re really pleased with how they have held up to salt.”

In addition to being the lowest bidder, Mackay stated in a memo to Bobst and Costello, Crossroads has previously done successful work in Rocky River as well as Fairview Park. The company has also done street repair programs in several neighboring communities including in Lorain County and the city of Medina.

Costello also noted that the Westway Drive sewer project is complete, closing the last of the city’s stormwater overflows, which were required to be closed off according to state and federal EPA mandates. She added that work, funded by the Ohio Public Works Commission, will soon begin on the $5.6 million Hampton/Lakeview Road project. The sewer replacement work will include portions of those streets between Center Ridge and Hilliard and include sections of Hilliard along the I-90 ramp.



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