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Fairview Schools spread what’s new through podcasts

By Kevin Kelley

Fairview Park – According to a 2016 study by Edison Research, 21 percent of Americans 12 and older, or 57 million people, have listened to a podcast in the past month, up from 17 percent in 2015. That’s the same number of people who regularly use Twitter, the study states.

Amanda Lloyd, communications and marketing coordinator with the Fairview Park City Schools, is one of those regular podcast listeners. Not surprisingly, she thought podcasts would be a good medium to share news of what’s happening in the district.

Lloyd has thus far produced and hosted two episodes of the Fairview Advantage Podcast, named after the district’s term for its framework of student success. The podcasts can be accessed either at the district’s website, at, or at Soundcloud, at

The first podcast, titled “What Is the Fairview Advantage?,” was posted in April and featured Superintendent Bill Wagner and Director of Teaching and Learning Melanie Wightman.

The second, posted in May, had Principal Chris Vicha answer “What’s New Next Year At Fairview High School?” Vicha previewed the school’s new block scheduling plan, the AP Capstone program and the Junior Experience in which juniors visit colleges or shadow businesses during the last week of the school year. Science teacher Andrew Bruening spoke about the new robotics club.

Recordings of special events, such as a March panel discussion on parenting in the digital age, will also be posted online as part of the Fairview Advantage Podcast.

“The goal of the podcast is to be another channel to share our mission,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd hosts the podcasts, which are produced in the recording studio at Fairview High School’s Innovation Center, formerly a library that was remade into a collaborative work area and “maker” space. She recorded and edited the podcasts in GarageBand, an audio production program published by Apple.

As of last week, 60 persons had listened to the first podcast, while the second had 47 plays, Lloyd said.

Lloyd, who graduated from Ohio University with a degree in visual communication, took audio and video editing courses there.

“The goal is to do at least one [podcast] a month on various topics,” Lloyd said. She encouraged individuals with ideas for topics to email her at

Both Lloyd and Wagner said the podcasts will be a convenient way for busy parents to receive important information about the district.

“People are on the go,” Wagner said. “They need to get their information on the go.” The superintendent envisioned parents listening to the podcasts, which run 20 to 30 minutes, during their commute to work.



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