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Rocky River to apply for Center Ridge traffic improvement grant

By Sue Botos

ROCKY RIVER – Making Center Ridge Road more user-friendly is one of the major topics being addressed in the revamp of the city master plan, now in progress. City council recently took a step in that direction by submitting an application to the Northwest Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) for a grant to address congestion reduction, traffic flow improvements and intelligent transportation systems for two complicated Center Ridge intersections.

Ordinance sponsor, Councilman at Large Dave Furry, explained that the grant, if received, will fund improvements for signalization and clearer pavement markings as recommended by a joint Fairview Park/Rocky River Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative study conducted last year, also funded by NOACA. Traffic lights would be powered by a cellular signalization system to improve the timing of the signals, resulting in a smoother flow of traffic and safer crosswalks for pedestrians.

“The scope of the project includes the Northview Road, Linden Road intersection with at Center Ridge and the Wagar Road and Center Ridge intersection,” Furry noted. The total cost of the project will be $562,000 and the city’s portion of at least $102,000 will be funded through the capital improvements fund.

While the grant application states that a city must provide 20 percent of the total cost, Furry said the more dollars a city supplies, the better the chance of receiving a grant.

“This will be a moving target over the next few weeks,” said Furry of the city payment, which he said could be up to 30 percent of the total. “This will give us a higher likelihood of getting a grant.”

Safety Service Director Mary Kay Costello added that grants are determined by a NOACA point system, and the more money a city contributes, the more points received and the better the likelihood of success.

Mayor Pam Bobst noted that letters of support from ODOT, Fairview Park, RTA and others have been received, and will be sent along with the grant application. However, she said the final decision is always based on requests from other cities. “This is an excellent submission, but we don’t know what else has been submitted.”

This is the second time the city has applied for a grant for this project. If successful this time, work will take place in 2018.






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