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Generator to help spark Bay’s disaster plan update

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

City officials say getting a $50,000 grant to obtain a generator for placement in the Dwyer Senior Center will put additional spark into Bay Village’s updating its disaster plans this year.

Mayor Paul Koomar said Friday Cuyahoga County officials are in the process of finalizing the formal details for giving Bay Village the $50,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds. City officials will be using it to get the generator so the Dwyer Center can be used for shelter for residents in case of severe weather problems or other potential disasters.

“The timing is certainly good since we are updating the disaster plans for the city,” Koomar said. “We do it every five years to try and stay current.”

City officials applied for the grant with the intention of following up on the previous discussions for utilizing the Dwyer Center for housing people if the need arose. Currently, the city has designated the police station’s community room for temporary shelter and the high school for other shelter.

“We would work with the Red Cross in an emergency to have people go to the police station community room temporarily and then set up temporary housing at the high school,” fire Chief Chris Lyons said. “Getting the generator for the Dwyer Center certainly gives us additional options. It could be used like the police community room.

To get the same designation as the high school, the Red Cross would have to come out, check the site and then designate it as such a shelter as well. But, when something bad hits it’s nice to have different places available.”

Koomar noted the March 8 high winds disrupted roadways, knocked down trees and power lines and caused power outages for more than 100 Bay residents.

“It’s something we deal with and we do get some weather being right on the lake,” he said. “The area on Wolf Road right up to the Bassett Road area was pretty hard hit. The utilities have been working with crews to clear the area and get power restored. It’s the type of thing the updated plan would help us prepare for.”

As of Friday afternoon, officials said the last homes without power were expected to have it restored by late Friday or early Saturday. City officials had worked with the residents to find alternate housing if they needed it while power was restored. No major injuries were reported within the city, officials said.

Koomar said city officials will begin the process of getting and installing the generator as soon as the grant details are finalized with the county.

“Once we get it placed, we’ll get our work underway,” he said.

Koomar said the generator will be placed so as to not disrupt senior services at the Dwyer Center.



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