Lakewood OH

Dailey Jones new president of regional city council group

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

North Olmsted City Council President Nicole Dailey Jones plans to expand contacts and work with other groups and people as the new president of the Northeast Ohio City Council Association.

Dailey Jones was elected to the two-year term at NOCCA’s annual meeting Thursday.

She has previously served on the executive board of the organization, which has members from city councils throughout Northeast Ohio. She initially served on the board when she was the Ward 3 city councilwoman for North Olmsted. After leaving the group when she became the communications director for the new Cuyahoga County government, she later returned to the association after becoming North Olmsted City Council president when Duane Limpert Sr. resigned.

Dailey Jones said having a council member belong to the organization as well as being an officer in it is beneficial to North Olmsted and the Westshore.

“It gives someone a chance to see how other councils and groups handle different issues,” she said. “It can give you insight as to a good way to deal with a situation or a problem.”

Dailey Jones said the regional contacts are also helpful to a city or group of cities.

“With cities and organizations working together more and more currently, it makes it easier if you already know someone from working with them already or someone in their city,” she said.

Dailey Jones said she also plans to reach out to the Northeast Ohio Mayors and Managers Association to collaborate on some projects and issues. She noted its new president is Chase Ritenauer, the mayor of Lorain, who at one time was safety-service director for the city of North Olmsted.

“There will be areas where it would be beneficial to us to work together on issues which affect the entire area,” she said.

In addition, Dailey Jones said she would like to expand NOCCA training and forums for members and their city councils, as well as the use of social media for the groups to provide information to people and groups.



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