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Walker-Nantucket lift station upgrade getting underway

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Upgrades to Bay Village municipal sewer services continue this week as work gets underway on the Walker-Nantucket lift station, safety-service Director Scott Thomas said.

City Council, in April, awarded the contract for $103,640 to Nerone and Sons, a Cleveland firm, for the renovation work. The lift station contains pumps that are crucial to maintaining a strong flow of sewer services in the city.

“It’s the latest in the improvements and upgrades that we’ve been doing in the infrastructure for the city sewer system,” Thomas said. “It’s part of our continuing response to (federal) EPA mandates to maintain services in the system. It’s something that’s needed or we face potential problems with the EPA.”

Thomas said the station was originally built in the 1950s.

“There’s a need to upgrade the facilities and put in materials and equipment that can better handle more modern technology which keep the systems running,” he said.

Mayor Debbie Sutherland said the need for upgrading the lift stations is shown by the problems Bay Village experienced during Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Several of the pumps and related equipment were damaged, lost power and went down during the weather. Sandy knocked out power for thousands of Bay Village residents, as well as other area residents, for several days. City workers got portable generators and made other stopgap repairs, which kept enough pumps going to keep the sewer services operating.

“If the employees hadn’t acted, we could have had a lot of flooded basements and other problems,” Sutherland said. “There is a need to get the upgraded systems into place, which we are doing.”

Thomas said there should be no problem with maintaining city services while the work is being done at the lift station.

“We’ve got enough elsewhere in the city to handle the need while the work is being done,” he said. “The work is scheduled to be done by October, so we shouldn’t have any issues develop.”




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