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Repairs getting underway for troublesome middle school hallway

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

District officials hope they will be plugging some of the leaks at the middle school before the 2014-2015 school year after a repair contract was approved by the North Olmsted School Board of education.

Board members unanimously approved at a July 30 special meeting awarding a contract for $44,500 to Windsor Construction to repair the roof above the 200 hallway of the middle school. Leaks in that hall and other nearby areas, and other facility issues in that area, caused district officials to shut down that wing to make sure people traveling in that area of the school were safe.

Mike McDade, director of business services, said work would get underway this week.

“It should be done before the start of the school year,” McDade said. “They’re saying it should take about 12 days to get the work done if the weather cooperates and lets them get the work done.”

“They should be able to repurpose that room and be able to do some activities in the area again,” McDade said. “They haven’t made any decisions as to what that will be, but based on what the work is expected to do, they should be able to use that hallway area again.”

School board Vice President Terry Groden noted that even with the board’s recent decision to put an $80.5 million bond issue on the November ballot which, if approved, would allow the district to build a new sixth-12th school complex on the current middle and high school campus, this repair work needed to be done.

“Even with that ballot issue, any new building would not be completed for several years, so we’re going to need to keep our current buildings in use,” Groden said. “This is work which needed to be done now for safety reasons.”

Board member Joanne DiCarlo asked if the work would be able to take care of the leaks that plagued the hallway area.

McDade said the work would be extensive and that the contractors would be stripping the area down and putting in new materials, which will take care of the leaks.

School officials had commissioned an environmental study of the middle school during the last school year to help deal with the leak problems. He said school officials and the Windsor Construction staff can utilize the information from it while the work is being done.

“They’re highly qualified to do this work,” McDade said. “Their references were very strong.”

In addition to Windsor Construction, two other firms, Premier Roof Systems, and Applied Surfaces, also submitted bids for the work.




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