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Cahoon Road fully open to vehicle traffic again

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Cahoon Road was fully opened to vehicular traffic again Friday afternoon, Bay Village service Director Scott Thomas said.

Workers will be putting the finishing touches on the $1.4 million sewer and road project, which got underway last November and had detours around closed portions of the project area to all but local traffic as crews worked on the heavily traveled roadway.

City and project officials had recently revised the work timetable backwards because of the heavy schedule for the company doing the paving work. The officials said they were shooting for having the full road open for vehicular traffic in time for the Bay Days celebration in early July. Thomas said he’s glad to have the roadway fully open again a little early.

“Our goal was to have it fully open to traffic for the Bay Days because the road is even more heavily traveled than usual during those few days,” he said. “I know the crews were working really hard to get the paving done and the roadways ready for traffic, so it’s great that they actually were able to get it done a little earlier than we were planning for.”

Thomas said there have been no recent unforeseen problems with the project.

“It’s wrapping up pretty nicely,” he said.

Thomas and project officials also had coordinated the work and time schedules of the Cahoon and recently started Osborn road projects to try to keep disruptions to traffic and residents of those areas to a minimum.

“We were pretty successful in that,” Thomas said. “The Osborn project is also moving along well, so at the current pace we should have it done in a couple of weeks as well.”

Mayor Debbie Sutherland said getting the project done also aids the city because it fulfills federal EPA mandates given to the city.

“That’s important to remember because the EPA can be pretty tough on a city if it doesn’t fulfill those mandates,” she said. “Fortunately, we have a good working relationship with the EPA and I know it will be pleased. This will increase the flow and efficiency of our sewers and also aid the residents and people served by the sewers. It’s a nice series of improvements to our infrastructure.”




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