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RITA’s statement on tax filing problems

(Editor’s note: The Regional Income Tax Agency announced Tuesday that it would not impose penalties or interest on tax returns filed by Monday, Apirl 21.  Many taxpayers reported they were unable to electronically file their taxes. The agency said its website and phone lines were overloaded by last-minute taxpayers. On Tuesday, RITA issued the statement below.)

At the height of the tax season the Regional Income Tax Agency is facing the challenge of unprecedented demand for filing services. The Agency has responded with increases in Internet bandwidth and phone coverage which has improved the taxpayers’ access. Since midnight today, about 10,000 tax forms have been filed electronically; starting at 8:00 a.m., over 200 phone calls have been answered each hour and over 100 taxpayers have been served hourly in person at RITA’s office locations. The Agency is further continuing its efforts to expand access to meet this extraordinary request for contact.

Additionally, forms have been made available to member municipalities for placement on their municipal websites. For those who have been unable to connect with the Agency, tax filings postmarked or electronically transmitted by Monday, April 21, by 12:00 midnight will not be assessed penalty or interest for late filing.




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