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Primary, community planning forum prompt city council to shift two meetings

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

North Olmsted officials have shifted two May council meetings to avoid time conflicts with a primary election and community planning meeting for residents and officials who may want to attend both.

City Council has moved its May 6 regular meeting to the following night, May 7, to avoid a conflict with the primary. In addition, the May 13 regular council committee sessions will either be moved to before the May 20 regular council meeting, or to another, separate night, depending on the number of issues needing to be discussed.

Council President Nicole Dailey Jones said in both cases, council sees the need to make it easier for people who want to work at and/or attend the various sessions.

“City Council has traditionally moved its meeting night to avoid conflicts with election days,” she said. “In this case, even though there are no specific city issues, there are major issues on the ballot. This will make it easier for residents, council or administration members who work at polling places or are involved in campaigns or issues to do that and go to council the next night.”

She said the meeting times on May 7 will be the same as usual, 7:30 p.m. for council caucus and 8 p.m. for the start of the council meeting.

Referring to the May 13 council committee sessions, Jones said it’s important for city residents and officials to be able to attend the Go North Olmsted What’s Next? Workshop community meeting from 7 to 9 p.m. at John Knox Presbyterian Church, 25200 Lorain Road. The Committee for the Future, a volunteer steering committee, is seeking input and recommendations for the 10-year update on the city master plan.

“We’re excited to invite the community to come together for an evening focused on positive change in North Olmsted, where we, as a community, can have our say in the direction of the city,” said Jones, who is co-chair of the Committee for the Future. “We think it’s very important for citizens and city officials to have the chance to listen to the ideas and issues as well as offer input on what is being considered for the master plan.”

Kim Wenger, the planning and development director for the city of North Olmsted, said the John Knox meeting is an important part of the master plan update, which is done every 10 years.

“The What’s Next? Workshop is one of the first steps in the Go North Olmsted 2015 master plan initiative, which will create a guide for the next decade,” Wenger said. “Many actions and policies have been implemented since the 2005 plan was adopted, and the city should feel proud of that. But now it’s time to come together as a community to plan for our next 10 years.”

Greg Malone, co-chair of the Committee for the Future, said that in addition to the master plan work, community input is important for other areas as well.

“In 2015, we will also be celebrating North Olmsted’s bicentennial. It is appropriate that we use this opportunity to look back on where we’ve been and also to think about we are headed next,” Malone said.

Wenger said the What’s Next Workshop promises to be a fun-filled evening of interactive activities, which will be part educational and part idea-gathering. Participants will work in small groups to not only boost their knowledge about the city, but also to share their ideas for the future.

To learn more about Go North Olmsted, please visit the project website at or follow @gonortholmsted on Twitter.

Jones said information about the meetings as well as the master plan update work will be on the city website and on the community cable TV channel.




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