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No sweat – lululemon athletica to pop up at Beachcliff Market Square

By Sue Botos

Rocky River

Fans of power yoga, running, dancing and other sweaty pursuits need not jog over to the east side of town for workout wear, at least for a few months. Lululemon athletica, the popular purveyor of “technical athletic apparel,” will be setting up a pop-up store in the Beachcliff Market Square within the next few weeks. The closest location currently is at the Eaton Chagrin Boulevard shopping center.

According to lululemon “marketing community connector” Rene Ascione, the planned temporary shop, slated for a late April, early May launch, will be a “cozier version” of the company’s stores. She added that the location was “scoped out” as a “favorite spot in the community” through conversations and suggestions of customers.

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1998 by surfer, skater and snowboarder Chip Wilson, the initial store shared space with a yoga studio. After taking the first commercial yoga class offered in the city, Wilson felt that the cotton clothing being worn was inappropriate for the “sweaty stretchy” workout. So he put his knowledge of technical athletic fabrics to work, opening a design studio that became a yoga studio at night. The company website states that the original intent was “elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness.”

The site reveals that the name lululemon came about as the result of a customer survey of 20 brand names and 20 logos. The stylized “A” that serves as the store’s logo was actually drawn to represent “athletically hip,” one of the suggested names.

While the permanent locations offer a variety of events such as community yoga classes and nutrition information, Ascione said that it’s not yet certain if any will take place at the Rocky River location. She added that the company is planning a number of pop-up shops throughout the U.S. and Canada beginning in late April.

Ascione said there are no plans to turn the pop-up location in Beachcliff into a permanent store, and the location is planned to be open for “a few months.” She added, however, “We’re always talking to our customers. Anything is possible.”




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