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‘Jones Gang’ in the money thanks to dad’s quiz show prowess

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Some younger members of the North Olmsted “Jones Gang” are in the money thanks to their father Scott E. Jones.

About 60 family and friends gathered together last Thursday to watch Jones, a 1996 North Olmsted High School graduate, compete on the ABC TV quiz show “Let’s Ask America” in which contestants are asked a variety of trivia questions. They saw Scott take home $11,200 from his night’s work, which actually took place last November, but didn’t go on the air until last week.

Jones was persuaded by his sons Maddox and Mason to try out for the show because they watch it. The duo ended up profiting from their dad’s trivia expertise when he turned over all his winnings from the show to them.

“They were pretty excited about it,” he said. “I put $5,500 in each of their savings accounts,” he said. “I also gave each of them $100 each to do whatever they wanted to with that money. They said they didn’t want to put all of it in savings, so i thought it was fair to give them the $100 each and then put the rest into savings.”

Jone said the show made him reflect on how he’s thankful for the good in his life.

“We’re fortunate that we’re in a position where we are doing well enough financially where we didn’t have to worry about using that money for other things we needed as a family,” he said. “My business ‘The Cleveland Music Group and Jerry Bruno Productions (which books a wide range of music and entertainment for weddings and other public events) is doing really well, so I was able to do this just for fun.”

Jones chuckled and said he’s also thankful for the well-known closeness of his family, which is known affectionately as “The Jones Gang” throughout much of North Olmsted.

“It’s was nice growing up in a little family enclave in North Olmsted,” he said. “Our grandparents lived pretty close to my parents and our part of the family. So we got a lot of chances to be around each other and learn and have fun.”

He also cited his mother, Randi Jones, the 2013 North Olmsted Community Council Citizen of the Year, as a primary reason the “Jones Gang” is so strong and well-known in the community.

“She’s the glue that holds all of us together with her strength and caring,” he said. “I don’t know how she does it. She’s gone to all those different meetings and events in the city and community for a lot of years.”

Randi admits to being proud and thrilled at the same time.

“I’m his mom,” she said. “I’m proud of him for a lot. It’s nice because a lot of people know him and the family around North Olmsted.”

Since he also is in the entertainment industry with his business, Jones said he enjoyed being on the show.

“It was a lot of fun to do,” he said. “Thursday night was primarily just watching it with the family and friends since it actually took place last November.”

He said it was tough not being able to tell the rest of the family how well he had done until the show aired last week.

“We’re not allowed to say anything until the show actually airs,” he said.




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